Church of The Eternal Circle

Our friends at The Awareness Shop are very kindly hosting an ongoing weekly event to benefit The Church of The Eternal Circle.

The Witches Tea Party, as it's affectionally called, is a wonderful way to develop your psychic abilities by joining in a group divination in a friendly, non-judgemental setting - both in person and online.

The Tea Partonians meet at the store in New Paltz every Tuesday evening from 5:00 to 8:30 pm and all are welcome (you don't even need to be a witch)! There is no charge to attend, but all donations go directly to The Church. The suggested minimum donation is $5, but if you can't afford to make a donation, that's OK... no one is ever turned away.

If you are unable to get to the store in person, you can still join in online via the Tea Party's Facebook page - which you can easily find by clicking the links in the feed below.

Folks joining in online can ask for a card to pulled for them, comment on cards pulled for others and get useful hints & tips on divination in general. Again, all donations raised go directly to The Church to help build the much needer bigger space. The suggested donation is $5, but folks are free to give as little or as much as they wish. Although, when it comes to answering questions and posting interpretations for cards pulled, priority is given to those making a donation.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us at the Tea Party - either around the table or online.